Foundations of animal experimentation


The overall objective of this course is to provide an overall scientific guidance for the use of experimental animals, providing some general theoretical and practical knowledge for a rational use of them.

The course content includes aspects of biology, care, welfare, health and animal handling, recognition of pain, suffering and distress, non-lethal methods of slaughter, as well as ethics and legislation as applied in Spain. Elements of experimental animal protocols and procedures that are carried out are also introduced.

The course was accredited to obtain training as category B staff (personnel carrying out animal procedures) according to the already repealed Royal Decree 1201/2005. Right now we are working to adapt the contents to the Order ECC / 566/2015 of 20 March, establishing the training requirements to be met by personnel in charge of animal handling, either bred or supplied for experimental and other scientific purposes (including teaching) to obtain the equivalent training.

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