Annual Intensive course in the form of a summer school with the general theme «Challenges in a changing world: new goals to EU» with a duration of 25 hours. With the aim to made a complete vision of the general topic we will include topics from normative and economic point of view. Course contents will covered each edition a selected topics: Welfare state, citizenship, economic integration, European financial system, energy, governance, foreign policy and the labour market, EU external relationship, education

The course will be development during a week on July. Summer course from Monday to Friday- it will takes 25 hours

Monday 20th of July:

·         Morning (4.30 hours)

o 10:00-10:30h Open ceremony and welcome to students and instructions about course sessions, activities and outcomes.

o 10:30-12:30h Session 1: Economic integration in European Union: regional convergence or divergence? A macroeconomic view.  Professor Mr José Villaverde Castro.

o   12:30- 14:30h  Session 2: Financial integration in EU. New role of European Central Bank. Mr Rafael Morales Arce.

Tuesday 21st of July:

·         Morning (4 hours)

o   10:30-12:30h Session 1: Energy indicators in EU to debate: Beyond conventional energy sources. Mrs Nuria González Rabanal.

o   12:30-14:30h  Session 2: Common Comercial Policy of the E.U: Special case of Latin America. Mr. Fernando Rueda Junquera

·         Afternoon (2 hours)

o   16:00-18:00h Role player practical exercise and student’s debate Mrs Nuria González Rabanal and Mr Fernando Rueda Junquera

Wednesday 22nd of July:

·          Morning (4 hours)

o    10:30-12:30h Session 1: EU budget, austerity and public choice. Mr Pablo de Diego

o   12:30-14:30h Session 2: Public policies in EU: state welfare, pensions and demographic trends in EU. Mrs Miryam de la Concepción González.

Thursday 23rd of July:

·          Morning (4 hours)

o    10:30-12:30h Session 1: Globalization 2.0 and the challenges of efficient governance in EU. Mr Christopher de Andrés. ( Video Conference)

o    12:30-14:30h Session 2: Human rights and European mobility. Mrs Fanny Castro.

·         Afternoon (2 hours) (Video Conference)

o    16:00-18:00h Discussion exercise: Greek crisis, inside out euro area?

           Mrs Nuria G. Rabanal

Friday 24th of July:

·         Morning (4.30 hours)

o  10:00-12:00h  Session 1. Migration: a real problem or alternative for EU? Mrs Aurelia Álvarez Rodríguez

o   12:00-14:00h  Session 2: Evaluation.. Human trafic and migration: towards the frontier control. Mrs María Marcos Salvador  Final exam. Mrs Nuria G. Rabanal

o   14:00-14:30h  Closing ceremony and evaluation. Mrs Nuria González Rabanal



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