Academic course 2016-2017

Summer course registration is open!!

It is open the time to register in the Jean Monnet EUFICH Summer course. All the information is available on the oficial website of the University of León.

Today Monday 29 th on May our member staff Mrs Miryam de la Concepción González will have an intervention in the Spanish National Senate as an Invited Speaker in the Demographic Experts Groups. Conference will be broadcast in streaming on TV Spanish Senate Channel and after today you can follow in our YouTube Channel. This event proves the quality and high academic standars of our academic staff.

Mr Juan José Lanero, will speak to students about Next UK elections. Under the title « The BREXIT and its aftermath: Understanding  the next general election in Britain» the students will learn about the role played by the elections to the BREXIT future. Friday 26 Th on May at 10.40 am in room 18.

Conference by Professor Francisco Michavilla, Director of Spanish     UNESCO Chair in University and  Political Management. Under the title » The future of the Universities under EU project» the conference will be held, 27 on April, Thursday. Conference will be uploaded to YouTube Channel of the project as open resource

Conference taught by Mr. Jose Ignacio Fernández Ex- General Secretary of CC OO workforce organisation in León Province.Under the title «Is Europe Post-contemporary?» He offer a reflexions about the role played by workforce in the EU and show to the students his view about an EU more social: Confrence will be held in the Faculty of Economics, 21 on April at 10.40.


Conference by Mr Félix Sanz Roldan, Chief of  CNI National Intelligence Centre of Spanish Goverment in collaboration with Security and Defence Chair of the University of León.17 th on March, Friday at 20:00 pm will be held this Conference under the title. «National Intelligence Centre to help and protect citizens»Conference will be uploaded to YouTube Channel of the project as open resource


Conference by Mr  Enrique Barón Crespo,  Jean Monnet Ad Personam ChairEx-President of the European Parliament and Ex Ministry of Communication Tourism and Transport of Spain. 16th on February 2017 under Jean Monnet activites, will be held the conference under the title «European Leviatan: Monster or Civitas».Conference will be uploaded to YouTube Channel of the project.

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