Jean Monnet Module ULe

Decisión Nr-2014-1268/001-001 of the Education, Audovisual and Culture Executive Agency

ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME-Jean Monnet Activities EAC/S11/13

Reference: 553238-EPP-1-2014-1-ES-EPPJMO-MODULE

Welcome to the official  web- site of Jean Monnet Module organized by the Departmet of Economy and Statistics of the University of León, Spain. The aim of Jean Monnet Module is the promotion of EU knoweledge and active participation of civil society in EU.

Our Project has the aim to promote and discuss about the main aims of EU focusing in topics like: welfare state, citizens mobility and security, migration, european integration and cooperation.

Here you can find usefull information about the project and activities programmed under the financial support of Erasmus + European Union Programme, Fundacion Banco Sabadell, Fundación Monteleón and Colegio de Economistas de León.

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