Taxation aspects in the European Union and Is the EU condemned to failure?


To close the Conference Cycle, on the 11th of June 2015, we gained some knoledge in the European Taxation system and the directives that have been used to cooperate against tax fraud. Sharing information among countries about the assets of the European citizens is fundamental to achieve the expected goals and reduece fraud.

Mr. Antonio Montero Domínguez, General Subdirector of taxation in the Public Administrations and finance Ministry was in charge of conveying that knowledge.

We also examined the factors that might be contributing to the failure of the European Union and the measures we can implement to avoid it. It is completely necessary to compare Europe with the rest of big economies according to to principal economic indicators.

Mr. Nicolás Hernández Castilla, State Economist, perfectly explained this matter.

Finally to close the Cycle we had the honour to count on the presence of the Security State Secretary, Mr. Francisco Martínez Vázquez, who explained the challenges we face in Euorpean Security and the new strategies and legislations that will combat those threats and encourage us to be positive and to continue making efforts in the construction and development of the European Union.


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